You’re about to move into your brand new apartment in New Haven and you’re probably wondering what there is to do in New Haven. Well, if you missed Movoto’s article, 30 Things You Need to Know About New Haven Before You Move There, don’t worry, we’ll recap it for you and recommend the five things you should do ASAP.

  1. Eat Pizza. Do yourself a favor and grab a pizza from Modern Apizza or Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana (or both!). Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Pepe’s made our list of the 5 Restaurants Under 5 Miles from Winchester Lofts that you’ve got to try. As Movoto put it, New Haven pizza is “the kind of pizza you order for takeout, but have to start eating in the car before you get home.”


  1. Get Artsy. New Haven is home to many art galleries, including the oldest college art gallery museum in America, the Yale University Art Gallery. We are also host to the International Festival of Arts and Ideas that just happens to be going on right now! So tap into your inner Picasso and indulge in New Haven’s eclectic art culture. We’d suggest starting at the Yale University Art Gallery; it’s free and can hold 200,000 pieces of art. (Side note: we’re going to be hosting an event at Reynolds Fine Art with photography from Winchester Lofts before the renovations.  Mark your calendars for September 17th and stay tuned for more information.)


  1. Rock Out. Live shows are a must in New Haven. Catch anything from the New Haven Symphony Orchestra at Woosley Hall, an alternative folk artist at Toad’s Place, a funky Jazz band at Firehouse 12 or entertainment performances like ballets or the Blue Man Group at the Shubert Theater. There’s something for everyone’s entertainment taste!


  1. See Views. Five Mile Point Lighthouse and East Rock Park: two mind-blowing views in New Haven. Five Mile Point (you may also hear people refer to it as Old New Haven Harbor Lighthouse) is part of Lighthouse Point Park and has one of the most beautiful views of the New Haven skyline; plus, there’s a beach and it’s dog friendly! East Rock Park was formed about 200 million years ago and is an oasis for hikers and rock climbers. These two spots are definitely trips you should try to make before winter comes back for its annual visit.


  1. Drink Up. The Owl Shop, Cask Republic, Prime 16, Zinc… These are only some of the must-try restaurants and bars in New Haven. Whether you’re into a classy evening with cigars and whiskey (The Owl Shop) or a craft beer and a hearty burger (Cask Republic, Prime 16), the delicious options are endless. (Check out Winchester Lofts’ neighborhood to see how close some restaurants and bars are to the property!)


It was a challenge to narrow down Movoto’s list of what you need to know about New Haven (so make sure to give that one a read, too) but these five suggestions are a great place to start. If you have any questions about New Haven or Winchester Lofts, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or give us a call at 866-736-5770.

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