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You Know What’s Right Around the Corner…

We understand how overwhelming the holiday season is, especially when it seemingly starts immediately after Halloween. But, if you’re ready to at least start planning for holiday shopping, we can’t say we blame you. The earlier you start planning, the more thought goes into each gift, right? We’ve heard that some people create a private…Read More

Hit the Local Market for Your Fall Recipes

Fall’s coming up, which means that a lot of us will be testing out recipes for the football and holiday season. Those Pinterest boards are probably flourishing with seasonal favorites and newbies alike. Head over to some local farmers’ markets in New Haven when gathering ingredients for your recipes; CitySeed has put together a full…Read More

Fall Hotspot: Music Edition

With autumn slowly creeping up on us, we imagine that many will be seeking an indoor music venue. Rest assured, we know one of the best. Introducing the one and only, Cafe Nine – aka (to those in the know), “The Musician’s Living Room.” Cafe Nine is an intimate, brick-walled venue that offers a pretty…Read More

Winchester Lofts’ Taste of New Haven

The dinner bell is ringing and our stomachs are grumbling! This Thursday, June 25 is going to be especially thirsty and tasty during the Taste of New Haven hosted at Winchester Lofts. Join us from 6-8 pm for some fabulous food and wine, a DJ, giveaways and the long awaited announcement of the winners from…Read More

We came. We saw. We crafted.

Spring 2015 marked our first ever “Show Us New Haven Through Your Craft” contest where we asked contestants to share anything they felt represented New Haven through their own craft. From snow showers in March to May’s flowers, we enjoyed each of the 155 entries. At May’s end, we had our top six finalists with…Read More

College Street Music Hall Brings a New Tune to New Haven

The historic, longtime-vacant venue on College Street, The Palace Theater, has made a comeback in The Elm City! The building was given new life and reopened at the beginning of the month as College Street Music Hall. The new music hall joins the eclectic hub of entertainment that New Haven has created over the years…Read More

Show Us New Haven Through Your Craft Contest Update

We’re halfway through the “Show Us New Haven Through Your Craft” photo contest and LOVE the entries so far! We’ve received over 100 submissions, with a majority of them coming from Instagram (follow #LifeCrafted or visit our contest page to check them all out). Here’s a sneak peek at some of the great entries we’ve…Read More

Firehouse 12: One of the “Coolest” Places in New Haven 

There’s a reason we included Firehouse 12 in the Winchester Lofts Retail Guidebook; it’s one of the coolest spots in town! Whether you’re looking for a place to go for a well-crafted drink, an intimate venue to catch some live music or even a state-of-the-art recording studio – Firehouse 12 has you covered.   Here are…Read More

Three Ways to Stay Warm in New Haven

The theme for this month is: STAY WARM! There is no more denying the fact that winter is in full effect—so much so that Connecticut’s own Gov. Malloy activated a Severe Cold Weather Protocol last weekend. But that doesn’t mean the cold weather will stop rearing its nasty head! With all of the possible ways…Read More

5 New Haven Businesses You Can Support on Small Business Saturday

With Thanksgiving plans already set in motion, now is the time to begin the joyful task of holiday shopping. But instead of just walking into a department store attempting to find this year’s hottest toy (questionably ranked by whomever…), only to discover that the person whom you had opened the door for on your way…Read More

Why People Love Living in New Haven

We recently asked people on Facebook WHY they loved living in New Haven, and we got some really amazing answers! We couldn’t agree more with our fans, so we decided to share them with everyone. If you have anything else to add, please feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to us…Read More

10 Facts about New Haven & Winchester History

Our newly-launched history webpage is full of amazing photographs and interesting facts that you might not have known about New Haven, CT, Winchester Lofts or the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Here‘s a teaser of some of the fascinating information, but you’ll have to explore the Winchester history page for more! New Haven was founded in…Read More

Yale-New Haven Hospital Ranked No. 1 in Connecticut

A huge shout-out to the Yale-New Haven Hospital for getting ranked number one in the latest hospital ranking released Tuesday, July 15th, byU.S. News & World Report. With a total of about 50 hospitals in Connecticut, this is truly an honor for our local hospital! The hospital was also nationally ranked for 11 specialties including…Read More

5 Things You Need to Do Once You Move to New Haven

You’re about to move into your brand new apartment in New Haven and you’re probably wondering what there is to do in New Haven. Well, if you missed Movoto’s article, 30 Things You Need to Know About New Haven Before You Move There, don’t worry, we’ll recap it for you and recommend the five things…Read More

5 Restaurants Under 5 Miles from Winchester Lofts

Warning: this blog post may cause hunger. Whether you prefer to travel by foot, bike, bus or car – Winchester Lofts is conveniently located in Science Park, just minutes from all sorts of delicious New Haven restaurants! We thought it would be helpful to recommend five of our favorites, all under five miles of our…Read More

5 Places to Shop for Mother’s Day in New Haven, CT

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so we’ve put together a list of five places in New Haven where you’re guaranteed to find something special for mom! If you’re a mother, drop a hint to your kids or partner and pass this article along to them…  (You’re welcome!)  😉 1. English Building Markets* —…Read More

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