With autumn slowly creeping up on us, we imagine that many will be seeking an indoor music venue. Rest assured, we know one of the best. Introducing the one and only, Cafe Nine – aka (to those in the know), “The Musician’s Living Room.”

Cafe Nine is an intimate, brick-walled venue that offers a pretty great variety of acts. If you’re a sit-at-the-bar type of person, you’re going to love this spot – and the tickets are relatively inexpensive (if not free), so that’s a win-win! This bona fide music hotspot also happens to be near Yale University, so students and professors alike can find a convenient weekend escape there.

You can check out all their upcoming shows in the Events tab on their website and buy tickets right there if need be. Yet another bonus: Cafe Nine is just a 10-minute drive from our very own New Haven luxury apartments – a perfect opportunity to cab it, call an Uber or Lyft, or whatever you prefer.

Let us know how you enjoy Cafe Nine. Maybe we’ll bump into you over there one of these nights!