Obviously, New Haven, CT has quite the history, but did you know we were the first state with a steamboat or the first to create an assembly line? Here are five of New Haven’s most notable firsts:

  1. First Hamburger. Louis’ Lunch. If you haven’t indulged in one of these bad boys yet, don’t even finish reading this blog—get in your car and get yourself a Louis’ Lunch burger. Louis’ Lunch opened its doors in 1900, slapped ground steak between two slices of toast and ignited America’s obsession with the burger. Lucky for us, Louis’ Lunch is one of many restaurants only five miles from Winchester Lofts.
  2. First Lollipop. In 1892, George C. Smith decided to see what would happen if he put a stick into a ball of candy. Right then and there, the lollipop was born.
  3. First Pizza in Connecticut. Since 1925, the first and most delicious pizza of New Haven comes from Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana—yum! Same goes for Frank Pepe’s –  if you haven’t had a slice yet, what are you doing still reading this blog?! It’s only been voted the best pizza in America… 😉
  4. First Medical Diploma. On September 11, 1729, the first medical diploma was awarded to Daniel Turner, who graduated from Yale College. Another fun fact: Mr. Turner never even ended up practicing medicine!
  5. First Planned City. In 1638, New Haven became the first planned city when it was laid out in nine different squares, also known as the “Nine Square Plan”.

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For more notable firsts from New Haven, check out Visit New Haven’s website: http://www.visitnewhaven.com/visitorinfo/notables
Reference: http://www.visitnewhaven.com/