The theme for this month is: STAY WARM! There is no more denying the fact that winter is in full effect—so much so that Connecticut’s own Gov. Malloy activated a Severe Cold Weather Protocol last weekend. But that doesn’t mean the cold weather will stop rearing its nasty head!

With all of the possible ways for you to stay warm this month, let us help you narrow down those possibilities with a Top Three Ways to Stay Warm List:

  1. The perfect eatery to defrost at is Cast Iron Soul. You are sure to be warmed from the inside out after consuming any of their southern inspired, soul-food dishes, and with it being so close to our apartment rentals in New Haven, it is a perfect place to meet up with friends and escape the cold outdoors.
  2. The easiest way to stay warm is by dressing in layers. Stop by one of the many stores located just moments away from Winchester Lofts’ apartments, to beef up your closet and turn heads with your layered look this month!
  3. What better way to stay warm then to escape the cold altogether! Instead of heading out, cancel your plans, bundle up under a heap of blankets and binge watch your favorite television show in the comfort of your own apartment in New Haven.

Whether you’re the jaded type of Connecticut resident who is no longer fazed by the cold temperatures or you’re new to the area and still adjusting, one way or another we all need to stay warm this winter!

What is your favorite way to stay warm? Feel free to connect with is on Facebook or Twitter to tell us what you would add to this list.