We understand how overwhelming the holiday season is, especially when it seemingly starts immediately after Halloween. But, if you’re ready to at least start planning for holiday shopping, we can’t say we blame you. The earlier you start planning, the more thought goes into each gift, right? We’ve heard that some people create a private Pinterest board to pin gifts for specific individuals, so that while they’re browsing online and scoping out sales, they can keep a log, or online planner if you will, for gifts.

Living in New Haven is so great because we have such versatile options for anything craft-centered. If you’re one of those people ready to start planning away, we suggest you check out English Building Markets. This gem of a vintage department store is located right in New Haven and has over 4,000 square feet of carefully curated displays ranging from furniture and housewares to clothing, fabric and more.

We have no doubt that when gifting something from English Building Markets, you’ll wow the recipient. What we love about this local, vintage shop is that they have color sales so you can monitor their website to see what’s on sale. Check out English Building Markets’ Etsy page if you favor online shopping, don’t live in New Haven quite yet or just want to scope out their selection before popping in.

We hope to see you around New Haven this holiday season! Feel free to stop by and see us or contact us with any questions about our luxury apartments.